Language in Communication series

In today's Europe, united though shaken by conflicts, communication across political, cultural, geographical and linguistic divides becomes perhaps the most important need. The Tertium Publishing House has been addressing this challenge since its establishing. Our publishing series "Language and communication" (appearing since the year 2000) initiated a discussion forum on linguistic communication beyond the divisions into philologies, in a wide environment, initially nationwide, but now also internationally. We publish thought-provoking articles and interesting research on language and linguistic communication with a solid scientific background, but also in an accessible form, so that any intelligent reader could follow them easily and not without pleasure. The series includes books by individual authors as well as monographic collections of articles.

It is difficult to overestimate today the influence that the little book by Jean-Francois Rozan La prise de notes dans l’interprétation consécutive has had on conference interpreters since it came out in print in 1956. It would be difficult today to find an interpreter who has not learned to take notes, at least to some extent, from Rozan, directly through reading his book, or indirectly through their teachers. His compilation of ideas, taken from the notes of the translators he worked with, is characterised by simplicity and perhaps that is why it is timeless. We are reprinting it in the English and Polish versions, convinced that it will be used by the next generations of translators.

Publisher: Tertium

Place and year of publication: Kraków 2004


List of contents

Słowo wstępne


Part 1. The Seven Principles

General Remarks
1. Noting the Idea Rather than the Word
2. The Rules of Abbreviation
3. Links
4. Negation
5. Emphasis
6. Verticality
7. Shift

Part 2: The 20 Symbols

General Remarks
A. The Symbols of Expression
B. The Symbols of Motion
C. The Symbols of Correspondence
D. The Symbols for Things

Part 3. Practical Exercise

Text 1
Text 2
Text 3
Text 4
Text 5

Review of the book was published by St Jerome Publishing


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