Our journals

Tertium publishes two international academic journals. They reflect the main areas of scholarly interests of the members of the Society. 

Tertium Linguistic Journal publishes articles in Polish and English in the field of context linguistics and related thematic areas: translation studies, intercultural communication and teaching of foreign languages. 

The European Journal of Humor Research is an English-language quarterly that publishes articles from the interdisciplinary area of humour research: linguistics, psychology, literary studies, social sciences, cultural sciences and health sciences.

Both journals are open to the research by young scholars, therefore not only full articles (over 6000 words) are published, but also shorter commentary articles or research notes. Both journal also publish book reviews.
Publication in both journals is free of charge, provided that the authors receives two positive reviews.

Both journals are among the journals endorsed by the Polish Ministry of Education and Science.

Aims of the Society

"The aim of the Society is to organize teaching, training and research activities offered for the benefit of the academic community in the field of research on language and linguistic communication" (Statues of the Society, article 6).

The journals are published by the Cracow Tertium Society for the Promotion of Language Studies. Collaboration: the Commission for Philological Sciences of the Wrocław Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Sponsor: Centre of Excellence of Estonian Studies, Tartu, Estonia