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Language in the Third Millennium XII: From Language to Communication and Beyond.

The aim of the twelfth edition of the conference "The Language in the Third Millennium" is to integrate the international scholarly community and to debate the most current theoretical issues and the practical dimension of broadly understood communication: interpersonal, social, inter-linguistic and intercultural.

The organisers of the conference put the main emphasis on the interdisciplinary nature of communication, in particular on the relationship of language with other areas of life and scholarship. The multidimensionality of communication, be it verbal, non-verbal, para-verbal, multimodal or visual, contributes to the discussion on the role, function and form of language in the contemporary world.

The event is addressed primarily to linguists, communicators, translators, modern philologists and other researchers in related fields, including PhD students. The conference is also open to practitioners who wish to join in the study of language, translation, intercultural communication or foreign language teaching.

upcoming events

Language of the Third Millennium XII: From Language to Communication and Beyond. 23-25 March 2022. You are encouraged to register - the conference will be held on-site in Kraków, Poland. Venue and other details and conference programme.