Tertium Society

The Cracow Tertium Society for the Promotion of Language Studies is a non-profit organisation which brings together the generous people who wish to support it. We organise conferences, run a publishing house and publish two scholarly journals, all powered by volunteers and enthusiasts. The main goal of Tertium is to promote knowledge about what language is and what linguistic communication is - also in the international sphere. Hence our interest in translation and intercultural communication, as well as in anthropological linguistics, which searches for the sources of cultural differences in language. Communication in the public sphere is often saved by humour of language users, hence one of the central areas of our activity is the study of humour on a European and even global scale. And the public sphere involves communication in the (multilingual) school or university environment too, hence one of our constant points of scholarly interest are the methods of teaching foreign languages and translation.


We encourage you to join the Society - we need new members with new ideas for language and communication research. To become member of the Society, complete the membership declaration and pay a membership fee for the current year - Join the Tertium Society

Zapisy na warsztaty konferencyjne

Szanowni Państwo, W ramach XII konferencji Tertium planujemy dwa bezpłatne warsztaty dla uczestników oraz studentów. Obydwa warsztaty będą się odbywać równolegle w czwartek 24 marca

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Welcome in the new academic year

We are pleased to welcome members and sympathisers of Tertium in the new academic year. We are happy to be able to present to you our new website. We hope you will like it

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Tryptyk z Elżbietą Tabakowską

Zachęcamy do wysłuchania ciekawego wywiadu z panią profesor Elżbietą Tabakowska (pierwszego z trzech częsci) na temat przekładu. http://Tryptyk z Elżbietą Tabakowską

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Annual membership fees

Membership fee for 2022 - 80 PLN
You are encouraged to join Tertium! The fee should be transferred to the Society's bank account:
94 8589 0006 0000 0011 0640 0001