Tertium membership benefits

!. Opportunity to join the linguistic scholarly circle
2. Taking part in the scholarly exchange of information on conferences, publications,
grants etc,
3. Opportunity to take part in the biannual "Language in the Third Millennium" conferences at a reduced conference fee
4. Possibility of buying Tertium publications at membership prices
5. Opportunity to publish articles and books in the "Language and Communication" series
6. Access to membership service at the www.tertium.edu.pl website
7. Access to the history of orders and personal data

Members' duties

1. Promoting language studies e.g. by the active participation in the conferences
"Language in the Third MIllennium"
2. Taking part in the academic exchange by providing information to be published at the Tertium website and visiting the website regularly
3. Submitting articles to be published in Tertium journals or volumes and doing so in the required formats.
4. Familiarity with the Tertium Statutes
5. Timely payment of the annual membership fee (80 PLN a year)
6. Taking part in annual Tertium Membership Meetings if possible.

Annual membership fees

The Tertium membership fee for 2024 is 80 PLN.
You are encouraged to join Tertium! The fee should be transferred to the Society's bank account:
94 8589 0006 0000 0011 0640 0001