Language in the Third Millennium I

This is the first of our conferences that initiated the entire series of linguistic meetings entitled "The Language in the Third Millennium", devoted to varieties and registers of the Polish language, translation and contrastive research, and teaching of foreign languages. During this conference, the first of the panel discussions was also held, devoted to the official translation of Polish administrative terminology, under the intriguing name of "A short debate between the Doctor, the Marshal and the Ambassador, or how the Philologist lost to the Bureaucrat: Nomenclature of local government institutions in translation into English, French. German, Portuguese, Russian and Ukrainian”.

One of the conference evenings was spent by the participants watching a performance in the Stary Theatre, while during the other evening they met at a banquet in the cozy Piwnica pod Ogródkiem.

The success of this conference meant that the authorities of the Krakow Tertium Society decided to hold conferences from this series at two-year intervals. Between the conferences, monographic volumes were to be published with articles submitted for publication by the authors of the conference presentations.

Guests and plenary lecturers

Bogusław Dunaj (Kraków)
Jolanta Maćkiewicz (Gdynia)
Elżbieta Zawadzka (Warszawa)
Peter Franklin, M.A. (Konstanz, Germany)
Aleksy Awdiejew (Kraków)
Elżbieta Tabakowska (Kraków)
Elżbieta Laskowska (Bydgoszcz)
Jadwiga Kowalikowa (Kraków)
Stanisław Karolak (Kraków)
Józef Sypnicki (Poznań)
Teresa Bałuk-Ulewicz (Kraków)


Executive Board of Cracow Tertium Society:

Antoni Dębski
Halina Waszkielewicz
Zofia Berdychowska
Władysław Chłopicki
Beata Hrehorowicz
Małgorzata Stypińska

Conference venue