Language in the Third Millennium VIII

The thematic scope of the conference covered a wide range of literal and non-literal issues in linguistic communication, where what is unspoken (e.g. taboo) or implicit/implied is of key importance in the formulating, interpreting and analysing of messages. This is so both when their senders and recipients are members of the same community and when they belong to different social groups within the same culture, and even very different cultures.

The leading theme: (Non)literalness

Guest speakers

Jolanta Antas, Jagiellonian University
Justyna Bajda, University of Wrocław
Bogusław Bednarek, University of Wrocław
Anna Dąbrowska,, University of Wrocław
Maciej Karpiński, Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznań
Wojciech Soliński. University of Wrocław


Executive Board of Kraków Tertium Society

Władysław Chłopicki, Jagiellonian University – Chairman
Maria Piotrowska, Pedagogical University of Kraków
Joanna Dybiec, Pedagogical University of Kraków
Maria Jodłowiec, Jagiellonian University
Dorota Brzozowska, University of Opole
Grażyna Sawicka, University of Bydgoszcz

Conference venue