Typical Errors in English

Roger Hartopp



This is a rather special item in the offer of the Tertium Publishing House: an original book, helpful in teaching English, based on the author's many years of personal teaching experience, which is genuinely practical. It is intended for people with an average command of the English language (B1 / B2 level), the intelligent people who want to patiently figure out what mistakes they should notice in their English. It is also funny, illustrated with the author's own drawings, has numerous examples, including poetic ones, exercises, as well as a glossary of grammatical terms.

Soft cover

Publisher: Tertium

Place and year of publication: Kraków 2014


Why is ‘me and my family’ wrong when many native speakers say this?
When do we use ‘interesting’ and ‘interested’ as adjectives?
Can you explain me the mistake in this question?
Why does ‘we invite you to our café’ sound strange in English?
Do we say a one-way street or an one-way street?
What is the difference between a trip and a journey?
Why is intonation important when you say ‘It’s a nice day, isn’t it?’
Why does washing my hairs sound funny?

With plenty of cartoons, advice, quizzes and much more, this is the grammar book not to put down!
Recommended for students at intermediate level or higher (B1/B1+ of the Common European Framework)

The book has a special interactive website with additional resources. There you can contact the Author and take part in creating its new version:

Typical Errors in English


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