List of honorary members

The following scholars were awarded with the status of Honorary Members of the Tertium Society for their contribution to the Society:


Prof. dr hab. Aleksy Awdiejew, (  O Aloszy  ) Jagiellonian University

dr Teresa Bałuk-UlewiczJagiellonian University

Prof. Peter Franklin, University of Konstanz, Germany

Prof. dr hab. Marta Gibińska-MarzecJagiellonian University

Prof. dr hab. Władysław MiodunkaJagiellonian University

Prof. dr hab. Elżbieta Muskat-TabakowskaJagiellonian University


Annual membership fees

The Tertium membership fee for 2024 is 80 PLN.
You are encouraged to join Tertium! The fee should be transferred to the Society's bank account:
94 8589 0006 0000 0011 0640 0001