Półrocznik Językoznawczy Tertium/ Tertium Linguistic Journal

Vol 4, No 1 (2019)

On Composition of Lyrical Discourse: Completion of a Theme as a Foregrounding Marker

Gennadij Zeldowicz


The paper discusses a highly productive foregrounding strategy employed in lyrical discourse. Considering, first, that the most fundamental compositional divide in lyrical poem is that between fragments devoted to some experience open to the lyrical hero and a fragment in which a discovery of a significant, usually quite general truth is made due to this experience, being this fragment normally the foreground, and, second, that it strongly tends to be located towards the end of the poem, one may hypothesize that if some semantic, pragmatic or structural theme develops in the lyrical discourse, its exhaustion will systematically coincide with the foreground, thus serving as a highlighting device. Several Russian poems are analyzed in the paper, which, first, support this assumption, second, show that this strategy may be realized in a number of different ways.


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