Donation to Tertium Society

The Tertium Society is a non-profit organization which runs activities promoting scholarship  – we organise conferences, publish books and journals, and support young people in their academic career. Most of this activity is performed voluntarily by members of the Society, thus we need external support. The Society maintains its day-to-day operations thanks to its members’ contributions, grant subsidies and donations.

Our Society is included in the list of organisations entitled to receive 1,5% of tax from tax-payers in Poland who decide to support them in this way. If you are a tax-payer in Poland, then we would be most grateful if you decided to support us. If you are not, then we would be grateful for your donation, which may be tax-deductible in your country.

The Society’s bank account is as follows: 

Krakowskie Towarzystwo Tertium, Bank Spółdzielczy Rzemiosła, Kraków, ul. Dunajewskiego 7

account number PL94 8589 0006 0000 0011 0640 0001 


Thank you in advance for your valuable support!


Składka członkowska Tertium za rok 2024 – 80 zł
Dziękujemy z góry za wpłaty na konto Towarzystwa:
94 8589 0006 0000 0011 0640 0001